Mobile Sauna

Hello in assuring blog I'll talk about my project mobile sauna.Everything in this project was invented by me with help of my wife.I am a keen on saunas and try to go there at least twice in a week. I also have a sauna which I built myself in my flat.Once i decided to invent something new related to my hobby and so mobile sauna was born.Every summer, our family travels to the beach to rest for a week or two. Places fabulous - relax and enjoy! But we are not always lucky with the weather. And in one of the rainy, cool day, sitting in a tent, we were dreaming: That would be a sauna here!By the next season the first mobile sauna was made . It consisted of sandwich panels, which are relatively quickly and simply attached to the supporting frame.There was a small terrace In the kit . But it was a little bit heavy - the total weight was about 350kg.We were trying it for a month, received great pleasure, rested on the beach and thinking how to make it more comfortable. However, sauna was required for the transport trailer and two people for assembly.A year later this sauna that you can see on the picture was born.It became much more comfortable and lighter overall weight is 60 kg.In the next posts I'll break the development stages of the project.All of my inventions are patented .If there are such sauna maniacs as me please write your opinions i will answer your questions.Thank you.

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