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Working from Nizhny Tagil continue to light in Mobile sauna) is not worse than the Communists of St. Petersburg)
Treatment devised.Go to the proletarians of the Urals.
"We urge all those who care about each individual company Mobile Sauna tipsand across the country, to support the initiative of the workers" Uralvagonzavod "and create their enterprise committees in support of Vladimir Putin."
"In Moscow and other cities come to the meetings" advanced "idlers, who arrogated to themselves the right to speak on behalf of the people.
While we are working around the clock in Mobile Sauna sessions our factories produce products that brings money to the state, they roam the streets, gorlopanya of their rights.In this case, without raising any issues that really concern people. "
"We have no time to sit on the Internet, hold a meeting once, we are working.But today, we demand that our voice was also heard. We talk about what plants are smoking pipes, we have a job and salary, there is a prospect. We well remember how in the 90s, when Nemtsov and Kasyanov worked in government, we have not paid their salaries for months, the plants throughout the country were closed. We do not want to go back! Gorbachevs destroyed the Soviet Union, but the Mobile Sauna collapse of Russia, we will not allow! ".