Do you like sauna?

  There are many joys in our life nowadays. One of them is Sauna.On the benefits of saunas have written many famous men of science and literature.
When you use sauna properly it becomes a source of pleasure, a guarantee of good health and longevity. It cures from many diseases and depression, improves mood and immunity, raising vitality and not only. Only the lazy and careless about health does not go to steam. Exception - only for medical reasons.
Our first mobile sauna was quite cumbersome, since we have established the order  of ten models of a mobile saunas. And the latest models were  presented to the public
in several exhibitions in Russia and Germany. Reviews were positive, the people
asked where they can buy, how many there are. We have not yet started
for mass production, due to funding problems, but individual orders are fulfilled.If you are interested ,you can contact me by email: . Full package  includes: building, tent, stove pipe sections, shelves, bathroom units.Price depends on model and configuration. You can transport it using ane vehicle you like including bicycles. If you have no transport, can carry sauna, as a backpack or roll, as the cart.
Total weight of the sauna is about 44pounds(20 kg). Now with our mobile sauna you can go anywhere and anytime.

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